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If you’re looking for inspiration for your home renovation and improvement project, you may want to listen to an interior design podcast. Podcasts feature interviews with experts in the field and their advice for those looking to make their own home improvements. They also give listeners a chance to try out DIY projects and get tips from industry professionals. Listed below are a few interior design podcasts that might appeal to you. Read on to learn more. But remember, before you download a podcast, make sure to check out the host’s credentials.

ABCs of Design – A New York-based interior designer, Betsy Helmuth, is hosting a podcast that will introduce you to the ABCs of decorating and design. This show features interviews with renowned designers, who will give you their advice on creating a budget, maximising layout and selecting the right colour palettes. Listeners can learn from the designers about how to save money and still enjoy their home’s design.

The Chairish Podcast – Michael Boodro, a tastemaker, hosts this commercial design podcast. This podcast aims to elevate the profession of commercial interior design by celebrating emerging practitioners, promoting entrepreneurship, and creating a Q&A platform for professionals. The Business of Home – Dennis Scully, a business owner, is also a popular interior design podcast. It focuses on the latest trends in interior design and aims to help its listeners make their own home designs.

At Home with Lauren Keenan – A Sydney-based interiors stylist and award-winning podcaster, At Home with Lauren Keenan’s show discusses how to create the home of your dreams. It features interviews with interior design experts as well as advice on family matters. The show has been running since 2016, and has been featured in the first Australian Podcast Awards. Subscribe to the podcast using your podcast app to listen to it on the go!

Kelly Kole and Joann Kendrac: Both women have a background in interior design and both have experience with podcasting. These two women have been hosting podcasts for over a decade, and both have been interviewed by several other design professionals. They share their experiences and tips to help others start their own podcasts. You may even want to start a podcast of your own to give listeners a firsthand look at your own style.

The Interior Design Business – A podcast for professional interior designers, ‘The Interior Design Business’, is aimed at UK-based designers. The hosts discuss common problems designers face, and offer advice on how to solve them. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a few years, this podcast can give you a unique insight into the field. And because it’s focused on the business of interior design, you’re sure to find some tips that will help you succeed.

Interior design styles

While there are numerous different types of interior design, some are fads and others are classics. Regardless of which one you choose, each style has distinct elements and characteristics. To determine which style is best for your home, pay attention to images and design elements you like. Take an interior design style quiz to find out more. You can also find an online interior design service with expert opinions and interactive style quizzes. Whether you’re looking for a traditional look or a more contemporary one, this glossary is a great resource.

This modern style is highly colorful and often incorporates natural elements into its design. Mid-century modern homes often encourage indoor-outdoor living with seamless transitions from one area to another. The use of rich woods and accent colors is typical. It’s not uncommon to see a mid-century revival in the design industry these days. This style is also known for its comfortable feel. You’ll find a variety of comfortable furnishings in this style.

The African-inspired interior design style emphasizes nature and celebrates the imperfections of natural materials. Furniture and accessories are often made from ebony, mahogany, rattan, or braided grass. Accessories include statement art and framed maps to add personality to the rooms. The furnishings and accessories are made of textured, luxurious materials, which are perfect for African interiors. Often, these styles incorporate antiques and collectibles.

The French style is another popular interior design style. It is a sophisticated mix of styles, and begins with classic antique pieces. A Louis XVI chair may be updated with a modern print. The juxtapositions found in this interior design style are endless and will create a truly unique and original look in your home. If you’re interested in incorporating elements of a specific style into your home, contact a Decorilla interior designer today!

Industrial interiors exemplify the modern, industrial vibe. These designs blend vintage pieces with repurposed materials, resulting in a chic atmosphere. The style is often characterized by exposed brick and beams. The palette of colors used is cool and subdued. In addition, the furniture is often raw or unfinished, adding to the rugged charm of the industrial style. Modernists include Le Corbusier, Frank Gehry, and Jacques Adorno.

The classic look of this interior design style is reminiscent of Greece and Rome. The furnishings, decor, and architecture reflect these cultures, but are symmetrical. This style is also characterized by irregular shapes. It incorporates organic details into its furniture and decor, such as cassini, which are decorative pieces that can be used as wall hangings. Decorative objects and furnishings in this style include bold geometric prints, carved wooden bowls, and soft poufs.

The modern version of this style originated in the early nineteenth century in Venice and was later spread to the U.S. The colors in this interior design style are warm and reminiscent of the sea. Mirrored furnishings and high gloss furniture are a staple of the style. They give off a high-glamour, luxurious feel. If you want to bring out the best in your home, the latest trends in interior design may be just the thing for you.

Art deco interior design

If you are looking for an eclectic design with a retro flair, then Art Deco interior design may be the style for you. This type of design is known for bold color combinations, geometric shapes and zigzag patterns. The combination of old and new will create a room that is glamorous and stylish. Here are some great tips to create an Art Deco-inspired room. And don’t be afraid to experiment with different elements of this style.

The look of this style is easy to achieve with a variety of items and materials. It focuses on visual twists and luxurious elements. A popular feature is vibrant colors, often paired with neutrals. You can also pair these colors with shiny metals. For example, you could add a jewel-toned chair with chrome legs to your living room. You can also add a mirror to the wall that accentuates the richness of the colour scheme.

Another element of Art Deco interior design is animal patterns. Whether you choose geometric patterns to decorate the walls or add some splashes of colour on your sofa, animal prints can create a dramatic effect in your home. Geometric designs are a classic element of this style and you can use them on your furniture, flooring or even small tiles. The possibilities are endless. Incorporating this style into your home will give your home a unique style that will be the talk of the town.

While Art Nouveau was popular for decades, it wasn’t universally loved by the public. After World War I, people were tired of seeing boring buildings that reminded them of their everyday life. Art Deco came as a result of a combination of aesthetics and the desire for a more normal lifestyle. The style was largely limited to the wealthy and beautiful. Until the mid-thirties, it was only available to the rich and famous.

Another major trend in the 1920s was the rise of the Art Deco style. It was one of the most prominent cultural revolutions in the western world during the 1920s and 1930s. It encompassed everything from decorative art to daily objects. The style was a reflection of the growing sophistication of the time, and was also a symbol of technological advances. As a result, it combined extravagant craftsmanship with deluxe materials. Despite being a decadent design style, it is still highly stylish.

Contemporary interior design

Contemporary interior design focuses on sleek, clean lines that do not feel clinical or industrial. This style favors white, black, and other neutral colors and avoids using overly-bright or bold colors. To ground a space, choose natural stone tile, hardwood flooring, or stained concrete. Modern cabinetry will typically sport either a matte or high-shine finish. Rugs with natural fibers are also recommended. They add texture and are suitable for areas that are not always exposed to direct sunlight.

Contemporary interior design is characterized by clean, uncluttered spaces and unique textures. When choosing a color scheme, choose a color scheme that is complementary to the other colors in the room. You can also add structural elements, such as a custom-made steel bench or a dramatic chandelier. Contemporary furniture includes CULT, Minotti, King, Beyond, Poliform, and Boyd blue. Contemporary furniture and accessories include Boyd blue, Minotti, Hermon & Hermon, and Hermon & Hermon.

Eco-friendly features are also popular in contemporary architecture. Recycled glass countertops and sustainable bamboo flooring make great choices for this style. Skylights reduce the need for heating during the cold winter. Other green features of contemporary architecture include adaptability. Modern interior design is more flexible and able to adapt to changing family dynamics. A finished basement or movable walls allow the space to be divided easily if one generation outgrows the other.

Contemporary interior design is about seizing the present moment. It is more about observing the here and now than incorporating trends from the past. Modern pieces, such as chairs and tables, are often used in contemporary interior design. Contemporary pieces and non-modern elements are also often mixed in with modern pieces. You should also consider the durability of contemporary furnishings and fixtures. A modern home will last a long time. Incorporating modern elements will keep the space looking fresh and inviting for years to come.

Contemporary interior design has a long history, but it is one of the hottest trends right now. It has many characteristics of modern interior design, including cool colors, clean lines, and geometric fabric patterns. This style is rooted in the mid-century modern style, but it’s flexible enough to adapt and change with the times. Therefore, it’s popular among trend-setting homeowners who have the budget to invest in updating their home decor.

Contemporary style uses a minimalist color palette, which can be either neutral or bright. It is uncluttered and minimalist, presenting a clean, simple aesthetic. Contemporary style interiors are made up of minimalistic pieces, modern furniture, and a neutral color scheme. The neutral colors can create an overall elegant and sophisticated look to a space, and keep it ageless. Contemporary style is ideal for modern homes, loft apartments, and offices. They can also be used to create a more traditional home.

Industrial interior design

Industrial interior design is a fantastic style choice for a home office, garage, or warehouse. Its raw elements lend a modern edge to a space, and many professionals are now opting to work from home, which makes it ideal for this type of workspace. This style also favors modularity and flexibility, making it easy to add or subtract visual details as needed. Its neutral palettes and open surfaces lend themselves well to customization.

The most common elements used in an industrial interior design are the natural colors like grays, neutrals, and rustic tones. These colors will allow you to add accessories such as furniture without worrying about clashing with the overall design. The neutral walls also allow the furnishings to flow naturally together, creating an open space that feels spacious. The combination of dark and light metals and wood makes a truly striking interior design. And as a bonus, the look lends itself to repurposing old objects.

Another popular choice for industrial interior design is the incorporation of recycled materials and raw finishes. This style is great for older homes as it makes the room look bigger than it really is. Industrial interior design is also perfect for spaces that are currently filled with other types of furniture. However, industrial-style furniture and decor are not right for every home. In fact, if you want to make your industrial-style home feel more modern, you should try to use other styles of decor instead of using this style. The key to making this style work is to keep in mind your style and budget.

If you’re considering industrial style for your home, you can opt for furniture and accessories that combine wood with metal and vice versa. Using reclaimed wood and metal, for instance, is also an excellent choice. You can also incorporate reclaimed lighting in industrial interior design. If you’re worried about how to incorporate industrial style in your home, you can opt for multi-directional floor lamps or reclaimed lighting from old warehouses.

For flooring, you can choose any type of material, but ceramic tile is a good choice if you don’t want to invest in natural stone. If you’re short on budget, you can opt for wood, but ceramic tile can give you the look you’re after without the hassle of cleaning it. Industrial interior design is not a room for children! However, it’s perfect for a home office if you’re looking for a fun, modern look.

Another way to achieve a modern industrial look is with polished concrete flooring. It’s a good choice for the ultra-modern look and is also inexpensive. Alternatively, you can opt for polished concrete floors and opt for other inexpensive industrial materials. Then you can use industrial accessories to recreate the look of a factory setting. The best way to achieve the industrial look is to mix and match industrial and contemporary styles. It’s a great way to achieve the glamorous factory look without breaking the bank.

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